Monday, August 10, 2009

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse of Central Texas for Smith's "zero tolerance approach to what he considers abusive lawsuits designed to harass, not ri

How Pray Tell Does This "know" how Abusive lawsuits are "designed"?

The Disengagement of the Average citizen in the formulation of public policy?

Out of the Mouth......... the truth speaks:


* Hurt? Injured? Need a Lawyer? Too Bad!
By Mimi Swartz

Texas Monthly

In its November 2005 issue, Texas Monthly magazine published an article on so-called "tort reform" in Texas. The article, titled Hurt? Injured? Need a Lawyer? Too Bad!, is the best example we have seen of how Texas families have been affected by new laws like HB 4.

We have obtained the rights to provide a link to the article at TTLA. If you link through our website, you will not have to register with Texas Monthly or pay for the article. We hope you will read the article and encourage you to invite your family, friends and colleagues to visit TTLA and access the link. It will be active until February 2006 (possibly longer), and you need not be a TTLA member to use the link.

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